CookieRush! by SodaRush!

CookieRush is the sister company to the award winning SodaRush! Our first CookieRush by SodaRush concept is NOW open in Chandler, Arizona! Come and see us and get all your SodaRush Favorites at CookieRush!

How is CookieRush different from SodaRush?
The only difference is that there is no Drive Thru, only curbside pick up!

We wanted a way to differentiate that part and since our cookies are the star of the show, CookieRush was born!
Everything else aside from a slight style variation of the lobby is All the exact same SodaRush you know and Love!

What items are carried at CookieRush?
All your SodaRush favorites! Click this link to be taken to the main SodaRush menu page.
Wait? So CookieRush has soda too?
Yes! And all your other favorite premium drink options, plus ice cream and slush and every other amazing SodaRush treat!
How do I open my own CookieRush?

Click here to find out about franchising one of our SodaRush brand stores!

Where can I find the current cookies of the week?
make sure and follow us on IG at @cookierushaz or @sodarushaz to never miss your favorites!

CookieRush Chandler

 In Chandler on NW corner of Gilbert / Chandler Heights Rd

4960 S Gilbert Rd. #13
Chandler, AZ 85249

Phone: 480-656-8325

Monday-Friday 10:00am-9pm
Saturday 9:00am-10pm
Closed Sundays


CookieRush Standard Seven
CookieRush by the Box