We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

Our Journey to Arizona and SodaRush

SodaRush is a family owned and operated Soda Shop.

Jim and Amber moved their 4 kids to Arizona from Kansas in 2015 leaving behind their home of 13 years, corporate america and a successful photography studio to pursue the “SWEET LIFE” of Soda & Cookie Making.

Their dream of concocting the perfect blended Sodas and Sharing Amber’s love of baking lead them to this adventure in the desert.

The Johansons are on a mission to bring happiness to all their customers through great drinks and treats, as well as a place to come and feel happy and welcome. “Where everybody knows your name.” And help to build a strong sense of community by giving back and providing a place to come together in times of trial to help those in the community who need a little support.

Amber & Jim have 7 young children who have grown up with the SodaRush brand. Watching the growth and struggles and sacrificing to help build these amazing shops that you all know and love.

 They have adjusted to their new home of Arizona and share their love of all things sweet. Through the trials of a big move and opening a new business we have been able to learn that “We can do hard things.” And gosh darnit, we do them well!

Thank you for all the amazing loyalty and Support these almost 8 years of business!

Finding Joy with the Johansons

Stay tuned for more fun with us!
If you have suggestions, or would like to partner in business collaborations, or have a family in mind for our next Thankful Thursday charity event, visit our Contact Us page.